January 29, 1999

Hi again!! It's been some time since I've gotten back to this page, I guess I've been running on "Delta Time"! I thought I would bring you a little view of our climate in winter. Most people rely on the weatherman to predict the weather, but here in Delta, we have other ways of judging for ourselves what nature has in store for us. We have a phenomenom called "sun doggies". They are really unique, but also bring the forecast of a "chill to come"! This photo is of the unique display of nature that only comes in winter. It is almost always shows both sides of a rainbow without the joining top........asFog I said, a warning from Mother Nature! I photographed these "doggies" just the day before yesterday (when the temperature was about 0), and this morning when we awoke, it was -60!!! Now, -60 is an experience. As you can see from the second photo (taken this morning about 11:30 am) ice fog sets in and visibility is limited