July 10, 1999

Howdy, It's been awhile since I've added anything, but what can I say, I run on "Delta time".........anyway, this is the time of year we experience the "midnight sun", and this is also the time of year Mother Nature assaults us with her summer "Alaskan Magic". She has a habit of besieging us with her magic wand that defies understanding if you don't experience it in person. Now is the time she floods our part of the world with a most wondrous plant called "Fireweed". Once you see it, you can understand it's name, it fires your soul. It's blazing shades of magenta permeate anything that isn't actively cultivated for another purpose and the blanket of plants delight your senses at every new turn of the road! I have been here 30 years, and every year, I am as impressed as I was the first! The first picture was taken at 10:30pm last night, and features one of my favorite models, Miss Tabitha and her pal, Patti, (a Beanie Buddy who's coloring matches the beautiful blossoms).

Fireweed normally comes in a multitude of shades of reddish-pink, but if you are extremely lucky and are at the right place at the right time, you may be one of the lucky ones to see one of the Alaskan Mother Nature's truly rare sights, WHITE FIREWEED!! I had the fortunate experience of viewing her secret about 15 years ago. Unfortunately, soon after I took the photo, the state decided it had to clear the weeds off the shoulders of this highway and the munch machine ate the white fireweed before it went to seed (they only had to wait 1 more week!). I have never seen another patch! Well, I still consider myself lucky, as many have never been given the opportunity to view this truly unique sight! I composed the picture of the white Fireweed and the Little Person as I consider it as rare as a Leprechaun and his Pot of Gold!

However, Wee Folk abound in this Great Land, all you have to do is look and believe. I found the second little feller (Mr. Anthony, another favorite homegrown Alaskan) battling the "dreaded Monster Bee" in a Fireweed patch - visible to those that choose to dream..........needless to say, I believe in dreams...........................