September 14, 1999
Fall has descended on us somewhat earlier than most places "outside" (outside being anywhere other than Alaska - mostly referring to the other 49 states). Fall is a very short season up here and can be missed in the blink of an eye. Depending on the wind, we usually have only a few days to capture autumn in all it's glory.

Unlike many places, our fall colors are predominately gold. There are no big trees up here that turn red as far as I know. But, we have many shades of gold and the variety of a single color in it's self is amazing. Most of the trees here in Delta are: Birch, Aspin, Dogwood and Spruce. All turn yellow except for spruce, which retains it's green, but darkens. The first 2 pictures depict what I see on my way to town every day. The picture taken on the road shows the view for about 20 - 25 miles! The redish-gold on the mountains in the background are also forests of fall trees.

I have also included a photo of my home beginning to don it's fall flavor. To me, it says a lot about our spirit. Very primitive............. but with a satellite dish for "couch potatoes"!!!

This time of year, residents in the interior of Alaska also experience some of the most magnificent sunsets on the planet. The vibrant hues take over the sky, and you don't have to be at the sea shore or any other special place!! Just look to the heavens and be in awe!! This photo was taken on the way home from town about 8:pm on the 10th of September. Sometimes, it's hard to pay attention to driving.......good thing we don't have a single stop light in our town, as a matter of fact, the nearest is 100 miles away!