Hi! Sorry it has taken so long to get back to this page. Summers in Delta are a really busy time, and I have been busy with a trip to Texas and Vegas and fairs (both local and state), along with building a new store for dolls! Hopefully, it should be slowing down now that winter is nipping at our heals...........there has been ice on the ponds for a few days!!!! Needless to say, the fire cooled down and everybody is waiting to see if it flares up come spring. We have a weird ground covering called muskeg here, and fires have been known to "simmer" under the winter snow and spring back to life when the warm temperatures come back!!!! I have heard tales of fires that lasted for 3 or 4 years!!!!


Hunting season ended today at noon and one of my neighbors managed to score his winter's meat this morning, bagging a 58" rack moose. For those of you unfamiliar with the size, this moose probably stood at least 71/2' tall!! The person who shot it is Tommy Sauer and he is the one standing in the middle. He said he waited perched in a tree for almost an hour to see if he had a big enough "rack" to shoot him! This was the first time Tommy had got one and he managed to bring home a good speciman! Now, I'm not a hunter, but I sure have to admire his determination! It has been a cold drizzly day, (miserable .........45 or so degrees and wet when he got it ) so he really was dedicated!!!! (I go to the store and buy my meat as I'm not all that fond of wild game- different strokes..............) It is a very big thing up here tho- and his hunting ability has certainly been verified.